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Today Was a Beautiful Day

Today was one of those exceptionally normal days. Even though it was Saturday, Hubby had to work, so I stayed in with the boys and we did our thing. We ran errands in the morning, met my parents for lunch, then the boy settled in for a nap. I spent the time before dinner baking two more batches of Christmas cookies while we rocked out to music on my iPod. No one does a sing-a-long quite like my two-year old. Dinner was a simple affair, kid-friendly food and the boys ate every bite. Thing 1 practiced piano, we read some books, then we watched some sitcom as a family. After bedtime snack, we got into PJs (myself included), read some more books, said prayers, and turned off the lights. 


Quick Tip Tuesday: Pack a Waste-Free Lunch

Happy Tuesday! Thanks for checking in for one quick way to save the planet without losing your mind.

Today I'm talking about lunches. I send cold lunch to school with my kindergartner most days, and that's an opportunity for a lot of waste if I'm not careful. Those little plastic baggies and individually wrapped snacks take a toll on the planet and on my budget. Luckily, there is a better way.


Four More Things I Quit

For those of you who don't know, I'm a staff writer for the media group that publishes FamilyShare.com. I write four or five articles for Family Share each week, and I just had this article I Became a Quitter: How About You? published today. Unfortunately, my articles for this particular website must be between 500-700 words, so I had to leave out a few things I felt were important. I'm giving them to you here today.


An Unexpected Side-Effect of Sleep Deprivation

I know I've said this before, but my current baby is not a world-champion sleeper. He was doing semi-okay there for a few months, but he hit the four month sleep regression hard. He's been up every two to three hours for the past five weeks, and it's starting to wear on me a little. I'm usually good with the whole no-sleep thing, but then a crazy little side-effect popped up. And all of a sudden, I started feeling very crazy. 


Just Buy The Tide Already!!!!

I want you all to know something. I think everyone has the right to make the decisions that are best for their family, without judgement or interference from anyone else. With that being said, I rarely extend myself that type of grace. I'm super, duper, crazy hard on myself. Let me tell you a little story about last week...


Winter and Christmas Themed Practice Sheets

I've been busy at at it again, creating new practice sheets to keep my studio kids motivated throughout Christmas break and into the new year. As always, I'm excited to share these with you as a free printable. In case it's your first time here with practice sheets, I hand these out to my students then they return them and pick something from my treasure chest. It's an easy way to keep them motivated, and they really look forward to them. 


The Cold, Hard Truth About Infant Sleep

I was commenting the other day about how good my current baby behaves. Then I was around other babies and realized rather suddenly, man this kid cries a lot! I never noticed the crying because he is soooo much better than my first colicky baby. Comparison makes or breaks my impression of so many things. I did a little digging and also realized that this current baby is sleeping waaaay worse than his older two brothers did at this point, another disparity I'd failed to notice (apparently I'm also into stretching out my vowels today).


Quick Tip Tuesday: 3 Steps to Ending Junk Mail

Welcome to Quick Tip Tuesday! I know that some of you love easy to implement posts that are quick to read. I won't be doing this every Tuesday, but I'm planning a couple of times a month to give you a an easy way to be more eco-friendly and healthy on Tuesdays.

Today's easy tip is to eliminate junk mail. Junk mail. Ugh. It fills up your mailbox, takes up valuable time, and creates a ton of waste. Recycling all that unwanted mail is good, but it still takes resources to recylce something. You're better off just eliminating it from your life. Here's how~


The Heirarcy of Green Buying

As much as I would love to embrace minimalist living, I have a family, and my life is fully enmeshed in the modern world. From time to time (more like day to day), it's necessary to buy stuff, whether it be food, clothes, or household goods. It's daunting to stare at the shelves in a store and wonder if I'm making an ecologically responsible decision. However, there is a way to decide how to buy things in the most eco-friendly manner possible. Bonus points, if you follow this heirarchy of buying, you'll also be saving yourself some serious money.


An Open Letter to My Kids' Teachers

It was unnerving sending my oldest to full day kindergarten this year. Up until this point, I was the dominant influence in his life. He spent his days with me, being taught, shaped, and molded under my loving care. Now, my mom card is losing some of its weight as my opinion slowly gets supplanted by teachers, friends, and the media. For a control freak like me, entrusting my child to a virtual stranger seven hours each day takes a huge leap of faith.