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The Heirarcy of Green Buying

As much as I would love to embrace minimalist living, I have a family, and my life is fully enmeshed in the modern world. From time to time (more like day to day), it's necessary to buy stuff, whether it be food, clothes, or household goods. It's daunting to stare at the shelves in a store and wonder if I'm making an ecologically responsible decision. However, there is a way to decide how to buy things in the most eco-friendly manner possible. Bonus points, if you follow this heirarchy of buying, you'll also be saving yourself some serious money.


An Open Letter to My Kids' Teachers

It was unnerving sending my oldest to full day kindergarten this year. Up until this point, I was the dominant influence in his life. He spent his days with me, being taught, shaped, and molded under my loving care. Now, my mom card is losing some of its weight as my opinion slowly gets supplanted by teachers, friends, and the media. For a control freak like me, entrusting my child to a virtual stranger seven hours each day takes a huge leap of faith. 


50 Meals to Bring a New Mom

Our standard of care for new mothers in the United States is abysmal. While other countries encourage laying in, extended maternity leave, and postpartum doulas, we encourage getting off the couch, fitting back into skinny jeans, and heading straight back to work. We need to give new mothers a break, and sometimes that means going above and beyond to care for a new mom and her baby. 

Food seems so cliche. However, as I experienced with each of my kids, food is often the hardest thing to come by when you're on your own with a newborn those first few weeks. It's nice to have a dinners brought in that first week, but that's also usually the time when daddy is still home and family is around to help. No, we need to help new moms a few weeks in, when the sleep deprivation is setting in and the help is gone. 


Quick Tip Tuesday: Fabric Shower Curtains

I try to live green. Heaven help me, I try. However, my shower time is sacred. It's the one time of day when everyone leaves me alone and I get to relax in the water. It's as close to nirvana as I'll ever get. Luckily for me, I live right next to a renewable water supply, so I can justify my long showers just a little, tiny bit (sort of).


Why We Need to Put a Stop to Before and After Weight Loss Photos

If you're plugged into social media at all, you've seen pictures like these. Am I right?
What's the problem here? These women are simply trying to show off a major weight loss, which is certainly something to celebrate. However, these types of images do a lot of harm and reinforce many misconceptions about health, wellness, self-esteem, and respect for women. There are three major problems with before and after style pictures. Think about it~


Creating Tangible Memories for Our Children

It's that time of year again, one of my favorite times of year. It's family picture time! I love having our family portraits taken, not because I'm some insane narcissist, but because I recognize the necessity of creating tangible memories for our children.


Let Me Hold You Longer

It seemed for awhile that I would spend the rest of my living days glued to my rocking chair, nursing or reading or rocking a sleepy baby. However, in five very short years, my oldest has turned into a full-blown kid. It crept up on my almost imperceptibly, here and little and there a little, until I looked at him one day and realized he's getting too big for me to rock anymore.

But he's not too big yet. 


Nope, We Really Don't Do Sunday Birthday Parties

Now that I have a kindergartner, I also had a kindergarten social calendar. Five year olds have lives? Yeah, who knew? My little guy has already been invited to four birthday parties this school year, and it's still October. He's always so excited to bring home the invitation, until we get it open, that is. Every single party so far has been on Sunday, which is a problem for my little family. 

See, we don't do birthday parties on Sunday. No really, that's an actual thing. 


Quick Tip Tuesday: Affordable Options for Glass Food Storage

(This post uses affiliate links. Thanks for helping me support my family!)

I knew we should switch to glass food storage, but have you looked at the price of those sets? Yikes! Stores charge an arm and a leg for glass food storage, which is silly considering they give away the plastic versions for next to nothing. It took me awhile to realize I had a ready to use glass storage option waiting for me in my basement. Hello mason jars! I know. I'm a little slow sometimes :)


Tips For Cloth Diapering a Toddler

Right now in our home, we have a blessedly diaper-free five year old, a needs to get potty-trained two year old, and a three month old baby. I gotta tell you, cloth diapering a newborn is so simple. Since he's exclusively breastfed, all I have to do is throw the diapers in the pail and wash.

Toddlers, however, are an entirely different ball game. Just don't blame it on the cloth diapers. I've disposabled diapered one toddler and now I'm cloth diapering a second, and no matter how you throw it, diapering toddlers is difficult in general. Today I'm talking about some of the pitfalls of cloth diapering a toddler and offering solutions to make it easier.