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Nope, We Really Don't Do Sunday Birthday Parties

Now that I have a kindergartner, I also had a kindergarten social calendar. Five year olds have lives? Yeah, who knew? My little guy has already been invited to four birthday parties this school year, and it's still October. He's always so excited to bring home the invitation, until we get it open, that is. Every single party so far has been on Sunday, which is a problem for my little family. 

See, we don't do birthday parties on Sunday. No really, that's an actual thing. 


Quick Tip Tuesday: Affordable Options for Glass Food Storage

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I knew we should switch to glass food storage, but have you looked at the price of those sets? Yikes! Stores charge an arm and a leg for glass food storage, which is silly considering they give away the plastic versions for next to nothing. It took me awhile to realize I had a ready to use glass storage option waiting for me in my basement. Hello mason jars! I know. I'm a little slow sometimes :)


Tips For Cloth Diapering a Toddler

Right now in our home, we have a blessedly diaper-free five year old, a needs to get potty-trained two year old, and a three month old baby. I gotta tell you, cloth diapering a newborn is so simple. Since he's exclusively breastfed, all I have to do is throw the diapers in the pail and wash.

Toddlers, however, are an entirely different ball game. Just don't blame it on the cloth diapers. I've disposabled diapered one toddler and now I'm cloth diapering a second, and no matter how you throw it, diapering toddlers is difficult in general. Today I'm talking about some of the pitfalls of cloth diapering a toddler and offering solutions to make it easier.


Squirrels and Acorns: A Metaphor for Marriage

As is true with many couples, Hubby and I send and receive love in very, very different ways. It's not that we're not on the same page, we're not even reading the same book. In the past, this caused some drama in our marriage, with both of us feeling unloved. I remember taking a church-sponsored seminar on the five love languages, and hubby stormed out after we took the test because we were on opposite ends of the spectrum. Neither of us saw a way to bridge the gap between us. 

Then one day, this conversation occurred~


This is Me Throwing Out the Rules

I've had a lot on my mind lately. With a huge increase in my freelancing, I've wondered what's next for me, my writing, and this blog. I've reached out to those I trust, gotten a lot of feedback from a lot of people, and I've known for awhile it's time to move in a slightly different direction. 


What I'm Reading Now: The Feast Nearby

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I should not be allowed near locavore memoirs. They're like crack to me. Every time I read about some intrepid soul living simply off the land, I get the insatiable itch to buy some land, add some chickens, and dig a huge garden. My family thinks I'm a little nuts. They're probably right.


Moderation, Skepticism, and Common Sense: The Three Vanishing Virtues

Truth time- when I started this blog, I put roughly two seconds of thought into the title. I knew that I wanted this blog to stand apart from the eco-friendly blogs I was following. In case you haven't noticed, this is not a blog for off-grid hippies munching on oat grout chased with kombucha. This is for the mom in the minivan who just wants her kids to eat a few more vegetables. It turns out, two years later, that the term Moderately Crunch really does embody everything I want for this blog. Chalk one up to serendipitous luck.


The One Financial Tip That Could Save Your Marriage

When we were newly married, the hubs and I had some minor disagreements about money. We were broke. Scratch that- we were looking up at broke. It didn't help that we came from very different socioeconomic statuses with opposing priorities on where the little we had should go. A wise mentor suggested we give ourselves some mad money each month, with the provision that we could not pass judgement on how the other spent his or her money. Crazy man say what!? How were we supposed to solve our lack of money problems by spending even more money? Huh?


Quick Tip Tuesday: Infused Water

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I had a water bottle crush. At a local sporting goods store, I watched the video for a new infuser water bottle over and over and over, but I just couldn't take the plunge and buy the thing. For one, it was $25 bucks, and I already own quite a few perfectly good water bottles. Secondly, it was made of plastic, and like I talked about a few weeks ago, I prefer glass water bottles (yes, even for the kiddos. Read this post to see how we manage).


The Elusive Middle Ground Between Fat Shaming and Total Acceptance

I was reading the online edition of the New York Times, when I came across an interesting Op Talk article by Anna North (read it here). Fat shaming has received a lot of recent media attention, and for very good reason. Bullying of all flavors and varieties needs to stop. Our fat-phobic ways are nothing less than deplorable, especially when you consider the extenuating circumstances that lead to obesity. Combine that with our obsession with paper-thin, photo-shopped magazine spreads, and you've created the perfect social media storm. It's an untenable situation we find ourselves in. Lately, more and more high-profile individuals have spoken out against fat shaming in all it's insidious varieties, and I must admit I'm slightly obsessed with Meghan Trainor's song All About That Bass. But...