Whole Family Incentive Chore Chart

I am a neat freak. Yeah. The problem is that I live with 3 boys. I'm not saying my house is always clean (it's not), and I'm not blaming my family (they're what I call normal messy). But, I reached this point of feeling like I was doing everything myself. Everything. And then I got fed up. And then my husband (who's normal messy) really felt like he was living with a crazy person.

Something had to change.

I knew that I needed to offer incentives that the whole family would be willing to work for, but that's difficult when you're trying to motivate a 3 year old and a 27 year old. Time to brainstorm! I came up with a chore chart that lists our entire weekly to-do list and gives everyone something they can get excited about at the end.

*Note: I clean up every nap time and bedtime, spot vacuum with the dust buster, and take care of the dishes daily. This list is just for the weekly *cleaning* chores.

The Chores:
Mop the kitchen and entryway
Mop the bathrooms
Clean the picture window and sliding glass door
Disinfect kitchen counters
Upstairs bathroom
Downstairs bathroom
Vacuum upstairs
Vacuum downstairs
Clean kitchen appliances
Little boy laundry
Adult color laundry
Adult white laundry
Change and wash sheets
Change and wash towels

~With the exception of the laundry, all this takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour. We do it all Monday morning before grocery shopping. When all the chores are done (once again, except laundry) we each get to pick one incentive. Obviously, some incentives are geared towards the kiddo, but the hubby and I have been known to fight over the remainder.

The Incentives:
Choose where we go to dinner (we go out once a week, Monday night)
Pick a movie to rent
Pick the family outing (we do something fun as a family Friday mornings)
Pick out something at the dollar store
Stay up 15 minutes later or sleep in 30 minutes later (up for the kid, in for the parents!)
Choose a dessert 
Pick a treat at the grocery store (this is usually the hubby's pick~ he gets doughnuts)
Pick a homemade dinner

In a perfect world, everyone would help out just because they live here and want to be good household citizens. Obviously my household is far, far away from the perfect world. However, this systems keeps me from yelling and screaming and ranting and raving, and that's important. It also gets us working as a team at least once a week and, once again, that's important. It also doesn't hurt that it's cute...

P.S. The chore chart itself is a thrift store frame spray painted with Rustoleum Accents in stone. I painted the backer board black then used craft glue to adhere cardstock scrapbook paper.